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10 Tools
Every Woman Should Have

by Beverly DeJulio

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Just how many tools does it take to keep the roof over your head from crumbling around you? Not as many as you might think. Equipping the workshop can be compared with equipping the kitchen. Every good cook knows that even with all the electric conveniences, basic kitchen hand-tools remain indispensable. The same is true for the workshop – with this “barebones” list of basic hand tools, you’ll be able to accomplish many projects:
  1. Screwdrivers (6 total): 3 sizes of slotted (standard) and 3 sizes of Phillips head screwdrivers.
  2. Awl
  3. Claw Hammer: 16 oz. would be sufficient weight for most jobs
  4. Adjustable wrenches (2): small and medium
  5. Pliers (3): slip joint, tongue & groove long handled pliers, needle nose pliers
  6. Level
  7. Utility knife
  8. Retractable, metal tape measure
  9. Small all-purpose saw
  10. Safety goggles

Plus, it's good to have the following equipment on hand: an assortment of nails, screws, tape (electrical, masking and duct), sandpaper, a brush-on super glue

The World of Power Tools
Power tools are to the do-it-yourselfer what food processors and electric mixers are to the cook: you don't absolutely need them to get the job done, but once you try them, chances are you'll wonder how you lived without one. If you're ready to explore this realm, I recommend two:

  • A power saw is a must if you are going to be working with wood.
  • A cordless drill is a staple for the avid do-it-yourselfer. I can’t imagine doing home improvement projects without mine. There are many options available for drills, I prefer drill with variable speed as it offers you more control. When you are choosing a drill, check how long it takes to recharge the battery - some come with a spare battery or you could buy an extra battery if the drill uses a battery pack. A keyless chuck also can save time, as chuck keys have a way of getting lost.

    Keeping Your Tools Together
    Keeping your tools organized can save valuable time, so choose a home for your tools, and put them back immediately after you are finished with them! If you choose a traditional toolbox, check out the many options, because many tool boxes can be much more than just a place to keep your tools organized. Some have very useful information molded/printed on them – like nail and screw sizes, measurement conversions, straight edge/rulers, and so on. Choose the one that’s right for you. I use a lightweight, rugged, plastic toolbox – which is important to me because my toolbox travels the country with me.

    Of course, just as gourmet cooks have very specialized tools and equipment, so do avid do-it-yourselfers. As your skills grow, so will your tool needs. Just buy your tools as you need them – when you tackle wallpapering, buy the special wallpapering tools, and so on. Good luck and happy hammering!

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