• Add 1/2 cup of vinegar to a basin before soaking your feet for a pedicure
  • Have a weekly soak in tepid water. Then, use a pumice to gently rub soles, corns, the ball of your foot, and anywhere that is prone to callus build-up.
  • Remember to always dry feet thoroughly with a soft towel after a bath or shower. And, be sure to fully dry between each toe to avoid dead skin build-up and fungus growth.
  • Cream nightly to help keep feet soft and prevent cuticles from looking dry. 
  • Keep polish looking fresh with one good coat of polish and topcoat every four to five days.
  • Darker colored polishes diminish imperfections by absorbing light and are easier to touch-up.
  • When you put shoes on after walking around barefoot on a hot day, avoid enclosed shoes like sneakers or pumps that make feet perspire and swell. Opt for flip-flops, slides or sandals. 
  • Never use powder on your feet before putting shoes on; instead give feet a spritz of Sea Breeze. 
  • Soften your feet...Before going to bed, apply VO 5 to your feet, concentrating on the extremely dry areas. Put on a pair of socks and you'll be impressed with your feet in the morning. If you're one like me who can't sleep with socks on, apply the VO 5, put the socks on and wear them around the house for a few hours
  • Foot Soak:....Boil 4 tea bags in one quart of water for 10 minutes. Add enough cold water to make the tea solution comfortable for your skin, (feet). Soak feet in a basin and relax for 20-30 minutes.
    The tannin in tea is a drying agent that will stop odor and tighten the skin. Tea also contains strong antioxidants that revitalize your skin and reduce swelling with anti-inflammatory properties

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