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Ever wanted to quickly update and modernize your makeup look without spending hours in front of the mirror, not knowing where to start? Well, you're at the right place, with our Mini-Makeup Course.

It's Beauty School, Day 1.

Prepare, prepare, prepare.

Want your makeup to go on flawless? Well, the canvas has to be prepared then. And that means moisturizer. The easiest way to get just the right amount on, is by applying it with a makeup sponge. The perfect amount will be evenly applied over the entire face. For lips, make sure to apply lip balm or Chapstick.

Define your features:

Look at your face from a new angle. Since your features are made up with a series of lines and angles, study each feature and determine how your lines are. Do your features appear rounded and soft? Or straight and defined? Look at the lines of your eyebrows, the shape of your eyes. Your nose, your cheekbones, your lips. What type of lines do you see the most?

Not happy with what you see? You can easily change it. Soften the harshness of a sharp cheekbone, by applying blush in circular motions on the apples of the cheeks. Make eyes sharper by straightening a round eye by applying liner only on the top eyelashes to give the appearance of a more horizontal line.

The eyes have it.

Want eyeshadow to be picture perfect all day? Get in the habit of applying foundation on your eyelids only first. Then apply your eye shadows. When done, lightly mist water or your Evian bottle mister over eyes to set. Let dry. Then apply the rest of your foundation and makeup as usual. By doing eyes first, you save precious minutes by not having to clean up your fly away eyeshadow powders. And misting with water helps set colors to last all day long. Great for when you just do not have time to touch up all day.

Let's Cover Up.

Want perfect coverage? Apply foundation first and then your concealers. Foundation will hide about 75% of all the discolorations you see on a bare face. Then just go in with concealers on the most obvious. You save time and product this way. For best application, apply with fingers or a Taklon concealer brush. Sponges just soak up and waste product. Have a stubborn one? After foundation and concealer, powder and then dot apply concealer again. It will last all day long.


Blush is a sure fire way to look 5 years younger, instantly. How? With the right color. Look for the most natural flush color you can find. Trick: Apply blush on the inside of your wrist. If it looks natural here, it will look natural on your cheeks. If it looks like dirt, a bruise, or too bright or heavy, it will on your face as well. And blush only where it's real. On the apples of your cheeks..... top of forehead.... across the nose... bottom of chin. Got too much? Use your trusty makeup sponge to 'erase'.

Eyebrows give expression.

Make sure yours say the right thing. Eyebrows should be 1-2 shades lighter than your hair color. The same color can look too overpowering on a face and darker than your hair color is just too severe. You want to bring attention and focus on your eyes, not your dark eyebrows. Want a super clean eyebrow line? When tweezing, brush your eyebrows up with a soft clean toothbrush. You'll be able to clearly see the line and tweeze any eyebrow strays.

Lash Curling - make it an essential.

Nothing opens up eyes more than curling the eyelashes. Make it easy by curling at the base of the lashes, hold for 10 seconds, walk 1/2 way out, and then curl for 10 seconds more. Always curl on clean lashes. Want some more curling power? Blow your hair dryer on your curler for 3 seconds... let cool a bit, and then curl. Hair responds to heat.. just make sure you don't burn.

Mascara Basics

Want model length lashes? Do what the pros do. Apply mascara to the tops of the lashes as well as the underneath. Look down into your mirror, and brush your mascara wand on the upper side of your lashes...then look up and brush through again on the bottom side. Comb through with a toothbrush or a fine eyelash comb. Instant glamour.

More Mascara Tips
  • Use a lash curler, heat it first using a hairdryer! Apply mascara with a clean brush, and spray hairspray into it before applying (ONTO the wand, not INTO your eyes please) This helps the curl stay in your lashes.
  • Before you put on your mascara, dust your eyelashes with a little bit of face powder, it will thicken the mascara to make your eyelashes look really plump! Just make sure you go one coat at a time with the mascara and wait for the first coat to dry before adding a second.
Lips 101

Want a perfect lip line? Use your light brown eyebrow pencil to line lips. Apply a bit more on the outside corners of the lip on both top and bottom to create a depth on the outside of the lips. Apply your lipstick or gloss over. You've just created a 3-d effect lip. Larger, brighter, fuller

Perfect Eyebrows

It's time to get your eyebrows "in shape," so to speak. Here are some tips from professional makeup artist Ramy, who is considered "The King of Eyebrows," and has written for practically every fashion & beauty magazine out there.

  • To begin, stand 2-3 feet away from the mirror, so that you don't see every little hair. Look at your eyebrows and think about where you may need to remove hair. Then, move closer and begin shaping!
  • Brush your eyebrows upward. If they are very long, trim them with the scissors as conservatively as possible - as though you are trimming split ends.
  • Tweeze from underneath the brow, removing one row of hair from beginning of brow to end. Pluck hairs out in the direction of hair growth. If necessary, remove second row of hair from directly underneath the arch, to open it up.

Your Lipstick Profile

The way you wear down your lipstick says a lot about you. To find your personality profile, match your own lipstick's shape.

  1. 1 Round top. You twirl the tube to mold it this way, which hints at an inner playfulness that you don't usually let many people see.

  2. Deep curve. Passionate, you press harder than most and are willing to work for what you want. You thrive on challenge and change.

  3. Smooth slant. A clean edge reveals your desire to appear honest and straightforward to others. You like everything to be simple.

  4. Center point. You maintain a balanced tip, reflecting a focused, goal-oriented mind.

More Makeup Tips

  • A dab of VO 5 on a cotton ball or pad makes a great makeup remover before cleansing the skin
  • Blotting makes color last....Peel off one ply of a piece of facial tissue and blot. Blotting makes color last longer, helps keep lipstick off teeth, and leaves lips looking painted but not overdone.

    In a hurry? Creating a casual look with makeup is quick and easy. Five minutes or less and a few well-chosen products are all it takes...

    • Apply a concealer that best matches your natural coloring to hide under eye circles
    • Even out skin color with a powder foundation that matches your skin. Apply it all over your face with a large powder brush. Dust your eyelids, but do not brush foundation directly under the eye area
    • Apply a soft, natural blush color or bronzer to the balls of your cheeks. Brush any leftover blush toward the center of your upper eyelids to create "instant lift."
    • Keep the your eyes simple and basic with a soft natural color and apply to the upper lash line. Smudge with a sponge-tip applicator
    • Apply a single coat of mascara.
    • Finish with a soft color that brightens your face without being too harsh. Soft colors work well in pinks and corals...
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