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Spring is here and what better way to celebrate than with flowers! We'll show you how to create beautiful flower pots using some of your own unique style for your spring flowers. Better yet, you can complete this project for under $15!.

 Though times have changed, the idea of Spring Cleaning is still as sound as ever. In fact, if you can spend only one block of sixty minutes this season...surely a possibility in even the busiest's possible to gain the traditional satisfaction of a significantly fresher, cleaner, more attractive home.

The key is having a sound plan to make the most of your cleaning hour. To help, our cleaning experts have compiled a set of the most fruitful tasks. The timesaving tips below are a great way to get you out of the house quickly and into the lawn and garden, where you'd probably much prefer spending a lovely Spring day!
Pencil and paper!
Acrylic paint in an assortment of colors
Paint brushes.
Small terracotta flower pot.
Small flowering flowers (or flower seeds)
Potting soil
Small rocks

Optional items:
Other decorative items (buttons, ribbon, etc)
Small candle

Chances are, you will complete the hour's exercise with surprise at how much you've accomplished. The experience might be so energizing, you'll find yourself in the mood for a second hour of spring freshening!

 Follow these steps to decorate your terra-cotta pots:
1. Before you begin, sketch the design you want to paint onto a piece of paper. Try experimenting with different variations of color and designs to get the look you want. If you are painting more than one pot, you may want to try to develop a design theme, making each pot a little different while using the same colors and style.
2. Once you've decided on a design, replicate your designs onto each pot using your pencil to outline the areas you wish to paint.
3. Paint your designs onto each pot. Be sure to let each pot dry thoroughly before adding any other small decorative touches.
4. Once you're ready to start planting, add a few small rocks in the bottom of your pot. This will help your soil drain properly.
5. Add a small amount of potting soil before adding your favorite flowering flower. Sprinkle with water, making the soil damp and then cover the rest of the flower with potting soil. Once you're finished, sprinkle your flower again with enough water to make the soil damp, being careful not to over water.

If you choose to plant seeds into your newly decorated pots, follow the planting instructions on the label of the seed packets you've selected.
6. Start inserting the multi-bloom flowers such as the snowball bush at the outer edge of the container.
7. Follow with the larger blooms (daffodils, mums) and finally the largest blooms (open roses). Complete arrangement by tucking in smaller flowers (asters and sweetheart roses) in any area that needs filling in.
8. Finish by inserting greens into outer edge, then tuck remainder of moss over edge of container so it appears to be growing out of the meadow-grass.
9. Remember to keep glass container full of water, and mist moss at least once a day to keep fresh and green.

Other tips:

Try adding small decorative buttons with hot-glue to add a touch of style.
Place a small candle inside of your newly decorated pots instead of planting flowers.

Decorative pots are perfect for displaying inside your home to bring a sense of spring. They're also great for use on your deck or patio. And, they make great gifts (especially for Mother's Day). Enjoy and have fun!

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