To me, old age is always fifteen years older than I am. 

~ Bernard Baruch


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Silver Beauty

Years and years ago, when a woman's hair turned gray, she immediately thought she was "old" and stopped doing the thing  regarding her looks that she did when she was younger. This is particularly true when it came to makeup. Thankfully, women today take better care of themselves and have endless pride in their appearance. There are certain tips and guidelines to follow when applying makeup when your hair is gray...

Eyebrows...I'm sure we've all seen this at one time or another...  Hair that is white or gray and eyebrows that have been penciled  in with the original natural hair color shade...DON'T DO IT!!!  
A better choice would be to use a subtle shade of gray or smoky  gray...  

Neatly groomed eyebrows are also a must and the best way to apply  eyebrow color is to brush the brows downward, apply the color, then brush the brows back up to have a natural blending of the color which will give you a very nice, natural look. Use a brown or dark brown mascara and try to stay away from the black, which may be too intense for the rest of the look...  

Daily skin care is always a must, no matter how young or old you  are. As a woman gets older, her skin becomes drier. A lightweight  facial cleanser won't "pull" the skin and will gently cleanse the  face. A toner can be used as long as it's mild and because of the  age of the skin and its dryness, the moisturizer should be a little  heavier and rich in emollients for the face. Skin is never too old  to have sunscreen on it!!!  

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