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Looking for Part-time Work? Consider Tax Preparation

(ARA) - Finding part-time work in today’s economy -- whether out of necessity or to supplement your income -- can be a daunting task. The challenge for many people is finding an opportunity that fits their busy lifestyles, but also offers good pay, a flexible schedule and a pleasant work environment. These opportunities are available; it’s often just a matter of knowing where to look and becoming a tax professional is one place to start.

In a study by the Employment Policy Foundation, an average of 13.3 million workers in their prime working years (ages 25 to 65) usually worked part-time. The vast majority worked a part-time schedule by choice.

Many tax professionals enjoy part-time employment and come from varied backgrounds such as financial services, education, retired, military or stay-at-home moms or dads. A position in the tax services industry is a good option for someone who is already working another job and wants supplemental income, or someone who prefers a flexible work schedule and not full-time employment.

To become a tax professional, training is a “must have.” An example of tax-related education that is offered is the H&R Block Income Tax Course. This introductory tax course offers topics such as choosing the right filing status, determining dependents, and learning how to qualify for deductions and credits. It also covers topics such as how to handle business-in-home expenses and self-employment taxes. Classes are offered at convenient times and locations nationwide. So whether you’re looking to master the most basic return or more complicated schedules, you will learn proven tax-saving strategies, recent changes in tax laws, deductions and exemptions that are often overlooked and other special rules for children and seniors.

Course graduates may have opportunities to earn additional income, while working in a professional environment and providing a valuable service to people.

To learn more about careers in tax preparation, visit  an H & R Block

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