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If you have oily skin, there are ways to treat it without drying it out and prevent from over moisturizing. Try these easy tips to make your skin look more radiant...

Use an astringent every day to remove excess oils. Don't use alcohol-based products - if you strip too much oil from your face, the skin will overcompensate and produce even more oil.

Wash at least twice a day with a mild cleanser to help prevent clogged pores. But don't scrub hard or over wash your face.

Moisturizing is not necessary on a daily basis. However, if your face feels tight after washing, then apply a light, oil-free moisturizer. Avoid mineral oils and cocoa butter.

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How to have perfect skin:

  • Eat healthy! Antioxidants (vitamins A, C, and E)  help reduce sun damage and fight certain cancers, including skin cancer.  Eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day.
  • Don't wear your makeup to bed!  You can clog pores and lead to acne.  Take it all off before bed with a mild non-soap cleanser.
  • Don't get intimate with the phone!. Constant rubbing on the mouthpiece may lead to rashes around the chin and mouth.
  • Don't pop the pimples! It will just prolong a pimple's life and spread infection. To speed up healing,
  • cleanse your face, then apply a warm compress, such as a clean, damp washcloth. Then, use a cream or lotion containing a drying agent.  I swear by witch hazel.
  • Sleep!  Most of us don't get the eight to nine hours we need to avoid sleep deprivation. 
  • Drink water! It will keep you hydrated, which helps skin look and feel better. Get in 6 to 8 eight-ounce glasses throughout the day -- more if you're a heavy exerciser. Sugar substitutes are dehydrating, so drink more water if you're into low-cal liquids.
  • Exercise! Twenty to 30 minutes of any aerobic exercise will give you a glow. Exercise increases blood flow, which brings more nutrients to the skin.
  • Don't mix cosmeceuticals! When it comes to alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), salicylic acids, antioxidants, and retinoids; mixing a cleanser from one line with a scrub from another, then a night cream from yet another, can lead to over-exfoliation and irritation. Stick with one line of products which are formulated to work together
  • Check for spots! Any sudden or suspicious-looking bump, mole, or other growth is reason to see a dermatologist. A full body check by a professional is crucial.  The American Cancer Society recommends that between the ages of 20 and 40, people have a  skin cancer checkup, every three to four years. Once you hit your 40s, begin having a skin exam, every year. You should also be doing monthly self-exams to keep an eye out for changes and growths. (Visit

Oily Skin

  • Use an astringent daily to remove excess oils. Don't use an alcohol-based products -- if you strip too much oil from your face, the skin will overcompensate and produce even more oil. 
  • Cleanse at least twice a day with a mild cleanser to help prevent clogged pores . But don't scrub hard or over wash your face.
  • If your face feels tight after washing, then apply a light, oil-free moisturizer . Avoid mineral oils and cocoa butter. 
  • When choosing makeup, buy oil-free products. Makeup that is water based and non-comedogenic won't clog pores. 
  • Use a sunscreen that is not oil based, preferably a gel, as it's less greasy. Be sure to use a minimum SPF of 15. 

Dry skin

  • Apply moisturizer while skin is damp.
  • Take warm not hot showers. Hot water depletes the skin's natural moisture, causing dryness. 
  • Skip harsh body washes.  Those labeled "antibacterial" are too drying.
  • Drink water.  Keeping your body well hydrated allows it to function at its peak.
  • Open the windows.  Let the artificial heat out and the moist natural air in.
  • Shave! It gets rid of hair, but also removes dead, scaly skin cells.
  • Exfoliate to slough off dead, dry skin cells.
  • Moisturize to prevent moisture loss.
  • Try a mask made to soothe dry skin, with softening ingredients like glycerin.


  • For a fast, at-home body exfoliation, mix olive oil with sea salt or sugar. Smooth over skin in circular motions all over the body, avoiding the breast area. Rinse off in the shower and apply your favorite moisturizer
  • Dry brushing your skin before a shower is a great way to stimulate the natural oil glands in your body. Using a natural bristle body brush, start at your feet and lightly “brush” your skin in a circular motion. Follow by a warm shower and slather your body with your favorite moisturizer
  • Use a loofah or scrub mitt in the shower, but make sure it is wet before using it or it will scratch tender skin.

Natural Remedies for Warts

  • Put a piece of BANANA PEEL, white side toward the wart and tape it on overnight. Each day repeat until it shrinks.  Strange, yea, but it works
  • Putting duct tape on a wart for a while will suffocate it and it will eventually die.
  • Vinegar. Soak a bit of cotton in vinegar, place it over the wart, hold it in place with a band aid.  The wart should turn black and tender before it goes away.
  • Something else that gets rid of warts is non-coated aspirin. Wet the aspirin, put it on the wart & cover with a band-aid. The acid in the aspirin will burn off the wart.  There is a slight discomfort, but it works. I got this idea from one of the assistants in my doctor's office.
  • Slice an onion and put it on the wart. Wrap it up, and leave it on for the night. Do this until the warts are gone
  • Cover the wart with lard!  Then cover with a NON breathable band aid and it will smother the wart.
  • Just pluck a leaf from an Aloe Vera plant and open it up so that the gel is exposed. Rub this over the wart and let it dry.

Shaving & Hair Removal

Make shaving easier An easy way to avoid razor burn after shaving is to moisturize beforehand. While shaving cream is the most popular method, try prepping your leg with hair conditioner for a few minutes before shaving. It will hold moisture on the leg longer and provide a very smooth shave.

Researchers have found an ingredient in soy milk that can slow down hair growth. If you're thinking about trying a hair retardant cream, you might want to give this a try:
Saturate a washcloth in soy-milk. Wipe the areas you want to control the hair growth on. You can use it anywhere, including the bikini area and underarms along with the legs and face......



  • Hand moisturizer For regular, well-moisturized hands, keep hand cream on your desk at work or in the car. Apply the cream throughout the day to rejuvenate your cuticles and keep skin saturated.
  • Moisturizer alternative  Instead of using a cream moisturizer after you bath or shower, rub almond oil (available at your local health food store) into your skin for a treat. Combined with a few drops of your favorite essential oil (peppermint, lavender) it will leave your skin smooth and supple.

Face Care


  • Remove mascara with a cotton swab dipped in cleansing lotion. To make the job easier keep your hair off your face.
  • Remove the eye shadow by gently wiping it off with a cotton ball moistened with cleansing lotion.
  • Pour a little face cleansing cream into the palm of one hand and dab it generously over your nose, chin, forehead and cheeks---using two fingers of the other hand.
  • Massage the cream into your skin, starting under the throat, using a gentle upward motion.
  • Continue massaging the cream up to your forehead, using your fingertips.
  • Gently massage the cream from your eyes to your nose.
  • Massage cream back over the chin, which is particularly prone to blackheads. Use your index finger.
  • Remove the cream from the face with tissue pads in each hand. Start under the chin and work over the cheeks and on to the forehead


Toners remove all traces of dirt, make-up or cleanser that remain after cleansing.

  • Immediately after cleansing apply toner to the forehead and cheeks on a pad of cotton
  • Apply the toner to the crevices around the nose and chin.


Without moisture, the skin will not remain smooth and supple. The face is exposed to the drying effect of the weather, so moisturizers -- which form a film over the skin -- contain and augment the natural moisture.

  • Using the tips of your fingers, dot moisturizing cream lightly all over your face.
  • Press the fingers of both hands into the center of the forehead and work the cream slowly outwards. Pat the cream gently around your eyes.
  • Work the cream around the jaw line, chin and mouth with the middle fingers of both hands.
  • Massage the cream over your throat with alternating hands, using upward strokes from collar-bone to chin
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