Greek Letter Sweatshirts,  Fraternity hats, Sorority gifts

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Embrace college life by joining a fraternity or sorority.  GreekLife embodies a true college experience, and friends for life!

Already a Greek? Show your pride and wear your letters. carries a full line of official clothing and merchandise for all fraternities and sororities.

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Greek Sororities and Fraternities feature tons of fun and memorable events throughout the school year, including:

  • Rush
    Rush is the very beginning of the school term, where sororities and fraternities invite students to their houses. This is your chance to determine which sorority houses or fraternity houses are right for you, and vice versa.  Talk with members at each of the houses and find out what the pros and cons of the organizations are.
  • Bid Day Sorority Block FrameOnce you decide what your favorite house is and that house is accepting new members, you'll spend some time with the members in that house. If the members feel that your character matches the mission of their organization, they'll give you a "bid". A bid is a formal invitation asking you to join their fraternity or sorority. If you accept, you will most likely attend the chapter meetings as a "pledge".  Once you are a pledge you can wear the Greek Sorority or Fraternity name, but NOT the greek letters.
  • Greekgear Lettered HoodieInduction
    You may have heard of the rituals or "secrets" that Greek organizations have. At initiation, you'll learn the rituals and the significant meanings they have in regard to the mission of the organization. Once you are inducted, you can begin  to wear the " Greek letters " of the sorority or fraternity.
  • Community Service
    Greek organizations are known for their community service. From raising money for charities and helping local children, you'll be learning valuable life lessons while having fun with your new friends. Community service will also encourage you to speak up for what matters most to you, as well as network and establish local contacts.
  • Leadership
    College can be scary at first and holding a leadership role may seem impossible. Joining a fraternity or sorority enables you to easily gain leadership experience by fulfilling one of the leadership roles in your house. You'll soon find you have more confidence than you ever did before!
  • Formals and Parties
    Greek organizations stress academics first, but they also recognize that a rich college experience involves fun social activities. Take a break from studying by attending a formal or party. Dive in to the Greek experience by helping plan formals and parties. You'll feel rewarded when all the guests say what a fun time they are having.




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